Illustration as an art form appeared to be threatened by the arrival of 'clip-art' and masses of pre-produced images available on the internet. However, many clients have realized that originality matters!

Not only is illustration increasingly in demand, vector illustrations have the following advantages:

  • Uniquely tailored to a client's specific needs and style.
  • May be enlarged to any size without any loss of quality.
  • Original illustrations honour the art and craft of the illustrator rather than regurgitate mass produced, often copied images.

Click on the thumbnails below to view a larger image of each:

  • Swiss Military Watch
  • Royal Bank - Saskatoon
  • Marmalade Desire
  • Antique Gas Pump
  • Roller Lifters
  • Motor Oil Bottle
  • The Year of the Grasshopper 2004
  • First Snow: Circle Drive - Saskatoon, 2003